About Us

  1. VISION (Army Public School, Devlali will be a safe and an inspiring crucible of learning where students are encouraged to think independently, act responsibly, and become ideal citizens who contribute significantly to building a harmonious society and a great Nation.)


  1. MISSION(Our mission is to motivate, educate, encourage, support and challenge all students to reach their highest level of learning and personal development. )


iii. PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE (School is an experience of a life time. It sets the stage for later success                                 and provides a life time of positive memories for our students. Keeping this in mind APS              Devlali forges ahead setting goals and achieving new targets.

Our philosophy has always been meeting the needs of the individual child. In the 21st century when the digital revolution has affected all, it is of paramount importance that we impart an integrated education so that they can face life’s challenges un-dauntingly. Besides we constantly endeavour to instil moral values and principles to help them develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of the future.                                  )

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