Visits And Excursions

The students of middle school visited the ‘Radha Keshav Charitable Trust Home for Elders’ on 10 Aug 2019. It        was indeed a touching experience for the students. They spent some quality time with the residents of the Home. Handmade cards and gifts were given to each one of them. They played some games and interacted with the elderly people. Our students endeared themselves to the grandpas and the grandmas with their loving and affectionate ways.

Visit To Old Age Home

The students of Middle School visited the Military Equipment Display that was organised by Arty Centre, Nasik Road Camp on, 14th Aug 2019 under the theme ‘Know Our Forces’. The students were motivated by the impressive display of arms and ammunition. Once again the pride in our Armed Forces was revived and so was the feeling of gratitude.

Artillery Centre - Military Equipment Display

Our students visited Asha School on 16 Aug 2019. The Students carried with them small token of love for all of them. The students performed a dance number, sang songs, and played games. They interacted with them and ensured that each kid of Asha School had a smile on his/her face. Our students learnt the value of empathy, love, kindness and generosity.

Asha School

295 students of class VIII visited Yashwantrao Chavan Planetarium, Nasik over a period of three days from     20th -22nd August 2019. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and also learnt about our solar system, the cosmologies of ancient cultures.


150 students of Class VII visited Shanti-Krishna Museum of Money and History in Nasik on 27th and 28th           August 2019. The students learned about our rich culture and heritage       through coins, archaeological artifacts, lectures, workshops, audio visuals       presentations.

Coin Museum

450 students of class VI visited the Artillery Museum, over a period of three days from 27th-28th and 30th August 2019. The students were impressed by the guns on display. They also were shown a presentation on the History of the Indian Army.

Artillery Museum

An excursion to the ‘Children Traffic Education Park’ was organised for the students of class V on 28 August 2019.

Educational Trip To Traffic Island

To provide in depth knowledge and hands on experience, the students were demonstrated the centrifugation of blood smears. The activity was conducted in biology lab.  Centrifuge machine was arranged from MH Devlali, to show centrifugation of blood to the students of classes IX and XI. The topic centrifugation is a part of syllabus.

An Informative Session