The In-Service Teachers’ Workshop was held from 12 June to 20 June 2020. The following teachers gave presentations on the topics mentioned against their names.2

12 JUNE INDUCTION For Teachers Mrs Medha Gode
13 June Refresher training on Microsoft Teams Mrs Smita Nair
Life skills Mrs Rupali T
16 June Precautions at School after COVID Mrs N Indira
English Competency Building Mrs Banerjee
17 June Integrity and Ethics Mrs Priyalakshmy
Hindi Competency Building Mrs Vandana Chauhan
18 June Classroom Management (offline and online) Mrs Nidhi Sharma & Mrs Ruchi Kaistha
Science Competency Building Mrs Pooja Khanuja
19 June Remodelled Structure of Assessments Ms Sonia Gusain
Math Competency Building Mrs Shubha j
20 June Gender Sensitization Mrs Urmil Ahlawat
Social Science Competency Building Mrs Bharti J
Inclusive Education Mrs Ahlawat